Sunday, January 23, 2011

candlestick bowling/blowing out candles

Well the weekend started off with candlestick bowling.
zion had rented out the entire bowling alley and all of the arcade

Candlestick bowling is kind of complicated, they're not real pins, and you get three small bowling balls, and technically six turns. I spent most of the night playing DDR with Jesse (except my up button was broken) and then hanging out with people from lane to lane. eventually i settled on lane twelve, where Ethan (three strikes - not bowling strikes) and i had an intense competition for first place. he won, of course, so he had to clean up soda cans lol. adam didn't go because he had injured his foot playing ping pong LOL, he said it was his footwork. either way he must have really been in pain because he had really wanted to go. for the wings and pizza at least.

then saturday i went to starbucks with tori, brianna, and stephani fuoco. on our way to the car though she threw out her 'trash' (which was really her target returns). So the girls cheerleader mounted me into the trash can to retrieve it (thank God it was mostly empty). of course it was already all over facebook, so i kept getting garbage girl comments all day lol. 

today i mostly just went to church, took a nap, went to lunch, played ping pong with adam, then went to dinner again lol. now i have a load of reading to do.

blowing out candles
i also tried to catch up with my brother since it's his birthday =]

peace out <3

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

fresh new blanket, fresh blankets of snow, oh wait: SLUSH!

I am fairly certain that I might have been less soggy at the end of the day if I had walked over the pond (and even if I had fallen in) instead of the pathways here. I have completely and totally soaked my "weatherproofed" boots. I have now gone through three pairs of socks.
"He hat put a new song in my mouth, even PRAISE unto our God" Psalms 40:3
With that, I can only cease my grumbling, and tell about the new song that today was for me. Nothing dramatic, but today was first class Systematic Theology I (YAY!! my first college credit class ever!!) and it was cute. I say cute because (funny story): one of the new freshmen like me fell passed out dead asleep. I mean his mouth was WIDE open, his body completely spent over, and he was just chill. Of course adam had to roar in laughter when he saw this. I mean it: roar. It was so loud everyone was laughing at adam and the new kid (as if im not a new kid too) and both of their faces were so red. beat red.

We also had our first chapel and President Crabtree talked about how important it was to purpose in your heart to be righteous. That when you choose righteousness, you become an influencer, and God promotes you so much more powerfully than you could have yourself if you had worked in your own strength. His context was from Daniel, and the story where Daniel purposed in his heart not to defile himself with the food that Nebuchadnezzar had offered him. It's not so much about the food than it was about the principle of how Daniel chose to react. He purposed in his heart not to let anything defile the ministry that God had planned for him. And when we decide that Christ is LORD of our life, not just a circumstantial God, that great things happen, people notices, and lives are changed.

Another important point he made was that we are not slaves to the world when we chose against the world. I think so many times as Christians we feel restricted from the "fun things" that we could do. But those fun things also lead us into bondage, pain, shame, resentment, bitterness. And that is being a slave to the world. When we chose against what the world offers, we are choosing freedom! hallelujah!

Well I just wanted to post about that chapel, just so I will always remember what my first chapel sermon was like. Someday that will be interesting.

Tomorrow is thursday: the day I have more classes than all other days (four) and really only a three hour break in the day! I am so looking forward to it though, and learning all the things that God has planned for me.

Goodnight :]

one more funny thing: we also went to target today (kayla, tim, adam, and myself) and the boys spent at least half an hour choosing their curtains for their room. it was really hilarious how much thought they put into it, from the price to the panel size and width to the color the texture the design and how much light they would be letting in. Their concerns carried into dinner where they were really troubled about hot to rearrange their room in the best manner. They chose to do this with the less than satisfactory dinner (to them at least): the green beans and beef stroganoff as models of the furniture and walls. see?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

first post as a college girl :]

I used to blog on xanga, but it's been years; and I think I should restart a blog just because my life is so different from when I started my last blog. Im in a whole new place and praise God for that, for continuing to change my life and strip me of desires so that my faith is stronger in Him. I just want to dedicate the page to Him, that my words are edifying and uplifting and positive, to encourage others but also to encourage myself someday when I look back. 

I have just started my first semester at Zion Bible College, and i am PSYCHED. This is the start of something that has been so long in the making and it is so amazing to finally be here. I have so many things to be thankful for recently. 

  • The ring on my finger for starters: I have just gotten engaged to my best friend in the world, Adam. He proposed on new years, and that's really quite a story itself. 
  • The MacBook on my lap  (apple fanatic right here: )
  • The acceptance letter to Zion itself, I'm thrilled to see what God does in me here. I'm also secretly super excited for my first paper to write, lol. It's been almost two years since high school and the classroom environment and stress is just the right flavor I've been craving for so long now
And that is just the beginning. I could go on and on about God's timing and his grace. But maybe I'll just elaborate on how thankful I am for my new roommate: Jade! I had really prayed that my new roomy would have a man in her life too, just so its not too awkward and tense for those late night boy chats, (ok maybe i stretched the truth a little: i really prayed for someone my size, so we could share clothes!! haha and yes we ARE the same size! how the Lord provides!)  Everything from where my room is on the first floor (awesome!!) to the personality that Jade has is just perfect. We're both night owls, and hitting the snooze button for an hour straight is nothing new for both of us (thank God!!)  She loves milk, I LOVE milk. She's not a healthy food fanatic, I'm definitely not either. We both love sweet stuff, and we're both oober grumpy in the mornings. She's also Hawaiian (like a hundred others here lol) and her island personality is so refreshing, along with her little accent. Plus she's a to-do list fanatic just like me. we're going to be post-it note happy in our room, for real!

On that note, she's coming back in soon, so I better pick up :] Goodnight!!