Thursday, January 31, 2013

so we're sleeping in a snowsuit

Our house is so cold. Well everyone else thinks so anyways. When my parents come to visit, they keep their coats on most of the time. If I push the up button on the thermostat, my husband hits the down button. We joke that it costs $20 every time we hit the up button.

The thing is that our room in an inferno, but Mia's room is the coldest. Don't ask me how. For awhile she was waking up in the middle of the night once she wriggled out of her blanket. So to 'seal her in' I decided to put her to sleep in her snowsuit. I looked this up online and it looks like I'm not the only mom desperate to keep their baby warm and sleepy. Now she can wiggle and roll and still stay warm. 

I think sometimes we as moms can do all the research and get all of the baby equipment and books in an effort to be the best mom in the eyes of others. When it comes down to it, every mom knows whats best for their child because they know them the best, and they have to live with them! I've researched everything under the sun about my baby at every stage along the way, and I consult other moms too. At some point I finally understood that God gave me the mother's intuition to know just what my baby needs from me. Once I let go of the 'standards' and listened to my baby, I felt so relieved! I wasn't worried about nursing vs formula, co-sleeping vs the crib, crying it out vs no crying at all, etc.! 

I've learned that part of being a mom is 'adjustment'. You navigate every situation to decide what is best for your child. At this part of my life I'm adjusting my own social life so that I can keep Mia on her schedule as much as possible. It is more rewarding to have a happy, well fed, and fully napped up baby! And when she goes to bed, I turn the monitor on for my husband and head to any friends house for maybe an hour.

It has been awhile since I've blogged, but I have been learning so much. Thanks for sticking with me :)